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  • Prof. Gibert's research focuses on archaic and classical Greek poetry, especially tragic drama. He has completed an annotated edition of Euripides' Ion to be published by the Cambridge University Press in its series Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics. Unusual aspects of this play include its Athenian ritual and religious themes; its depiction of Ion's mother Creusa as an unhappy victim of the god Apollo's sexual violence and subsequent neglect; and its elusive tone, comprising deep suffering and lighter touches. Prof. Gibert's recent articles include 'Euripides' Ion: an Interpretation,' 'The Wisdom of Jason in Euripides' Medea,' 'Euripides and the Development of Greek Tragedy,' and 'Hellenicity in Later Euripidean Tragedy.' He is also interested in Athenian Old Comedy, and in the older poetic tradition (Homer, Hesiod, and lyric poetry). Prof. Gibert enjoys being involved in contemporary adaptations and productions of Greek drama.


  • greek tragedy, greek comedy, greek epic, greek lyric poetry, greek literature, greek language


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