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Asirvatham, Margaret Senior Instructor


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  • Dr. Asirvatham's research targets teaching and learning issues in general and organic chemistry and K-16 science education. A novel component of her work is the effective use of instructional technology, especially RF clickers, electronic homework, and timed practice exams to actively engage students in the learning process using real-time feedback and self-assessment approaches. Formative/summative assessment is used to improve teaching and learning with an emphasis on student accountability. By assessing prior knowledge using ALEKS CHEMISTRY and DART, materials are developed and revised to help students learn by doing; short- and long-term understanding and retention are emphasized to promote content mastery and conceptual understanding. Professional development of middle and high school science teachers is a major goal to improve STEM education and to facilitate a smooth transition from high school to the university.


  • chemistry/science education, general/organic chemistry, electronic homework, RF clickers and question creation, developing questions and visuals to enhance learning abstract concepts in chemistry, mentoring graduate students for success in teaching, mentoring undergraduates on honors thesis projects, effective use of instructional technology for self-assessment, metacognition, and formative/summative assessment, instructional materials for students and teachers, green chemistry in the laboratory



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