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  • Dr. Arehart's primary area of expertise is audiology and hearing science. Her research focuses on understanding auditory perception and the impact hearing loss has on listening in complex auditory environments. A primary research project focuses on the effects of age, hearing loss and cognitive abilities on hearing aid outcomes. Other research projects include the effects of hearing loss on pitch perception, signal-processing algorithms to improve speech-in-noise perception by persons with hearing loss, perception of sound quality, and the interactive effects of aging and hearing loss on speech perception. These research projects include interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in engineering/psychology/cognitive science. Dr. Arehart teaches undergraduate & graduate courses in speech and hearing science and audiology and leads outreach workshops for K-12 teachers on teaching children about sound, hearing and hearing health. She is a certified clinical audiologist.


  • audiology, aging and hearing loss, improving hearing aid outcomes, auditory perception, speech-in-noise perception, impact of noise on hearing, music perception in persons with hearing loss, sound quality of hearing aids, auditory scene analysis


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