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Biringen, Sedat

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Dr.Biringen's current research entails the direct numerical simulation of turbulent rotating flows as a model for numerous industrial applications and complex turbulence on massively parallel teragrid computers have allowed the full resolution of this flow at Reynolds numbers that allow the formation of a full inertial subrange. Energy transfer dynamics have been assessed, and evaluation of closure models has provided new insight into turbulence parameterization. Professor Biringen's second major research thrust concerns the numerical simulation of flow control by phononic surfaces which is a coupled fluid-structure problem. This research has been funded by NSF and AFOSR in collaboration with with Professor Mahmoud Hussein. This research is transformative and has the potential to revolutionize drag reduction in aircraft leading to significant technological applications.


  • fluid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer, transition and turbulence, flow control, wind energy


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