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Bohn, John Research Professor


  • Research Professor, JILA

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  • Dr. Bohn's research studies interactions between molecules in the gaseous state at temperatures below one milliKelvin. His work seeks to better understand how chemical reactions occur and can be controlled in this unusual environment. A second area concerns properties of dilute, quantum degenerate Bose gases, especially those whose constituents possess electric dipole moments.


  • ultracold atoms and molecules


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  • PHYS 3210 - Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Methods 2
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Lagrangian and Hamiltonian treatment of theoretical mechanics, including coupled oscillations, waves in continuous media, central force motion, rigid body motion and fluid dynamics. The calculus of variations, linear algebra, tensor algebra, vector calculus, and partial differential equations will be introduced in the context of the mechanics.


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