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Sousa, Marcelo Carlos Professor


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  • Dr. Sousa uses a multidisciplinary research approach, with X-ray crystallography to obtain high-resolution structures and complementary biochemical and biophysical studies to understand, in molecular detail, cellular processes including: (i) Bacterial and Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Biogenesis: focused on how chaperones and the BAM membrane protein complex cooperate to promote folding and specific insertion of beta-barrel OMPs into bacterial and mitochondrial outer membranes. (ii) Modification of the Bacterial Outer Membranes Mediating Antibiotic Resistance: Lipid-A modification with Ara4N confers resistance to antibiotics such as colistin. Dr. Sousa‚Äôs group determines the structure and mechanism of enzymes essential for this modification as a key for the design of specific inhibitors of antibiotic resistance. (iii) Protein Secretion Systems: Focused on understanding for bacterial protein secretion and its repurposing for delivery of engineered proteins to the host.


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