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  • Dr. Elliott's primary research focuses on c. 2 BCE fragmentary Roman poetry. Her first major publication centers on Ennius' Annales, a massive epic poem on Roman history. Today the work survives only via the quotations of later authors, ranging in date from c. 1 BCE - c.8 CE. Its reconstruction is crucial to our accounts of the trajectory of Roman literary history because it is the earliest work of Roman literature to which we have substantial access and because the surviving authors of the tradition (Vergil, Lucretius, Propertius, Livy, etc.) count the poem as foundational to their own work. The areas of interest she has developed in connection with this or other projects include the history and historiography of the Roman Republic, the Greco-Roman epic tradition through Vergil, universal histories, ancient scholarship and reception, editorial activity, and the theory and practice of commentaries. Her new major projects focus on the fragments of the historian Cato & satirist Lucilius.


  • epic tradition from Homer to Vergil, Republican historiography, Republican and Augustan poetry, theory and practice of commentaries


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