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Maeda, Daryl Joji Professor, Dean of Undergraduate Education and Vice Provost


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  • Dr. Maeda's research focuses on social movements for justice by people of color in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as transnational cultural flows, particularly in the transpacific.


  • Asian American studies, Asian American history, comparative ethnic studies, social movements, the 1960s, Transpacific studies


selected publications


courses taught

  • ARSC 1520 - Health, Society, and Wellness in COVID-19 Times
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020 / Spring 2021
    The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of society around the world. The pandemic has resulted in the infection of millions and death of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The economic, social, and mental health impacts of the pandemic are unprecedented and have laid bare and exacerbated long standing inequalities and disparities.' College students will benefit from an academic course that provides scientific, humanistic, and social scientific perspectives on disease and society broadly and the coronavirus crisis in particular. The course will offer students empirically proven strategies for maintaining wellness, which is especially important at a moment of pervasive uncertainty, heightened anxiety, and mental health vulnerability.
  • ETHN 2215 - The Japanese American Experience
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Surveys the Japanese American experience, emphasizing post-WWII developments. Gives attention to intragroup diversity having to do with generation, ethnicity, ecology, and gender.


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