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  • Professor Riosmena's research looks at how demographic processes are associated with the spatial and social mobility, well-being, and development in Latin American societies and immigrant communities from said region in the United States. He has done work on the role of social ties and of legal status in explaining inter-country differences in US migration dynamics in Latin America; the inter-relation between the socioeconomic and gender normative context of migrant sending communities, family life cycle, and the migration behavior of individuals other life course events; on the changing spatial distribution of Mexican migrant destinations in the U.S. and their relationship with the changing spatial distribution of migrant origins in Mexico; and on the factors that explain the health status of migrants in the U.S. and changes therein, particularly looking at selection, protection, and acculturation processes.


  • Social demography, population geography, immigration, Mexico, United States, migrant health, new migrant destinations


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