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Narasimhan, Bhuvana Associate Professor


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  • Dr.Narasimhan's research uses behavioral experiments and statistical analysis of databases of parent-child speech to explore how children’s use of words and syntactic constructions is influenced by early cognitive or communicative biases versus distributional patterns in the input language. A second line of research targets the encoding of meaning in adult languages cross-linguistically. In collaboration with a large team of experts in areally, genetically, and typologically unrelated languages, Dr.Narasimhan explored how speakers of different languages describe certain kinds of motion events. A third line of research investigates whether language-specific differences in the encoding of meaning influence cognitive processing in adult speakers.


  • descriptive semantics, language-cognition relationship, and developmental psycholinguistics, in particular, children's semantic and pragmatic development, focusing on the acquisition of verb meaning, argument realization, and information structure


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