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Persons, Chip Associate Professor


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  • Professor Persons is a performing artist working in live theatre and new media. His research is in acting, as a craft and as a profession. His focus is on how western and classical theatre traditions can merge with other disciplines, technologies, and cultures from around the world to inform the future of theatre. He applies contemporary methods to canonical theatrical literature, in collaboration with fellow theatre artists, to reveal fresh interpretations of the classics. He experiments with traditional “live” theatre and the application of new communication methods, thereby expanding what is defined as a theatre space. He explores theatre as an event rather than a destination. He pursues work as an independent artist in collaboration with fellow actors, directors, designers, dramaturgs, and playwrights.


  • performance, acting, theatre arts, acting for the camera, voice for actors, movement for actors, acting shakespeare, non-traditional venues, original works, spoken word


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