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Clements, Nicholas Faculty Member


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  • Dr. Clements' research focuses on both indoor and outdoor aerosols and their composition, sources, and fate. In the outdoor realm, Dr. Clements has experience with running field campaigns and analyzing data for coarse and fine particulate matter mass concentrations and composition. Composition assessments included the organic (EC/OC, fluorescence, DNA sequencing) and inorganic (elemental) fractions. Particle source information was derived from composition data for both the inorganic and bacterial fractions. Trends between aerosols, meteorological factors, and traffic were assessed with a variety of statistical methods. For indoor aerosol research, Dr. Clements has measured airborne bacteria inactivation rates for a variety of UV-C sources and has helped assess the microbial diversity of indoor environments. Dr. Clements is also helping design and test a hospital surge capacity plan meant to increase hospital isolation room capacity in the event of an infectious disease pandemic.


  • coarse particulate matter (PM10-2.5), bioaerosols, dust (aerobiogeochemistry), aerosol source assessment, atmospheric natural organic matter, applied statistics for air pollution analysis, hospital infection control, isolation room design, hospital surge capacity