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  • Dimitri Nakassis studies the material and textual production of early Greek communities, especially of the Mycenaean societies of Late Bronze Age Greece (ca. 1600-1100 BC). He has developed new methods for investigating individuals named in the administrative Linear B texts and argued from this evidence that Mycenaean society was far less hierarchical and much more dynamic than it had been considered in the past. He also works on Homer and Hesiod, Greek religion and history, archaeological survey, Linear A, and the economy, society and prosopography of the Mycenaean world. He is co-director of the Western Argolid Regional Project, a diachronic archaeological survey in southern Greece, and co-director of the Pylos Tablets Digital Project, which involves the digital documentation of all the administrative documents from the 'Palace of Nestor' at Pylos.


  • Mediterranean archaeology, Bronze Age, Mycenaean Greece, survey archaeology, archaeological theory, ancient economy, ancient Greek religion, early writing, Aegean scripts, Linear B, prosopography, Homer, Hesiod, Greek history, modern Greece


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