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  • Sarah Kurnick is an anthropological archaeologist. She specializes in ancient Mesoamerica, and particularly the ancient Maya. Her research focuses on the creation, perpetuation, and negation of institutionalized social inequality and political authority, and her primary interests include the role of the past in shaping the political present and how archaeology can foster positive social change. Since 2014, she has co-directed a community archaeology project at the site of Punta Laguna in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. She has received grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society among other organizations, and has held a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Research Fellowship from the Gerda Henkel Foundation.


  • Anthropological Archaeology, The Maya, Community Archaeology, Political Authority


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  • ANTH 4020 Explorations in Anthropology (Spring 2019)
  • ANTH 5020 Explorations in Anthropology (Spring 2019)
  • ANTH 7030 Seminar: Archaeology (Spring 2018)


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