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  • David Ciplet is a sociologist focused on issues of globalization, inequality, and environmental justice. From the negotiating halls of the United Nations to community center meeting rooms, his research uses participatory qualitative methods to explore processes of social change in climate change politics. He is concerned with uncovering how climate change and related policies unequally impact socially marginalized groups, and the possibilities for these actors to achieve more environmentally just outcomes through engagement in local, domestic and international policy-making processes. His research also focuses on how particular developments in political economy, geopolitics, and forms of governance shape environmental inequality and possibilities for equitable climate change mitigation and adaptation. David seeks to utilize his research to reach a public audience and to broaden the terms of the climate debate.


  • Environmental Justice, Political Economy and the Environment, Global Climate Justice, Globalization and Development, International Climate Politics, Social Movements, Climate Change Adaptation, Global Environmental Governance, Community-Engaged Research and Teaching


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