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  • Professor Lambert is an integrative biological anthropologist and evolutionary ecologist. Her research program centers on plant-animal interactions, mammal nutritional biology, and the natural selection of feeding-related adaptations in mammals, especially Primates and Carnivora. Since 1991, Professor Lambert has conducted research at her primary field site (Kibale National Park, Uganda) on questions related to: the evolution of feeding-related clade-level traits (e.g., digestive physiology, gut microbes, and diet), community interactions among mammals and plants, species coexistence, and biodiversity conservation. She is increasingly addressing these research questions in North America as well, with a focus on carnivore resilience in anthropogenic landscapes and feeding biology. Professor Lambert interprets her behavioral and ecological data collected in the field with physiological, genetic, and nutritional chemistry data collected in the laboratory.


  • plant-animal interactions, community ecology, feeding-related anatomy and physiology, nutritional ecology, conservation biology, mammals in anthropogenic landscapes, Primates, Carnivora, Africa, North America


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