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  • Villanueva's research focuses on both ethnic studies and critical sports studies. The critical sports research examines nationhood, nationalism, and social justice. Ethnic studies research looks at race and nationalism, with an emphasis on Latinos in the United States. Villanueva examines the lynching of Mexicans in the Texas borderlands during the period from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, with particular interest in transnational perspectives on violence during the Mexican Revolution. The outbreak of the Mexican Revolution in 1910 was an important event for both nations; it sparked a civil war among Mexicans, but it also led to hostilities between Anglos and Mexicans in the borderlands.


  • Borderlands, American West, Latina/o Studies, US History, Ethnic Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Critical Sport Studies, Nationhood & Nationalism, Critical Sport Studies, Collective Violence, Cyberbullying


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