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Whiting, Gregory Lewis Associate Professor


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  • Dr Whiting's research is focused at the intersection of additive manufacturing, novel materials, and functional devices. He uses printing as a method to fabricate unconventional electronic components and systems that can be readily customized, mechanically flexible and conformable, large area, widely distributed, biocompatible, and/or controllably transient. These devices can find application in a broad range of areas including health care, structural and environmental monitoring, robotics, autonomous design and prototyping, energy generation and storage, as well as waste reduction and data security.


  • additive manufacturing, printed electronics, transient electronics, distributed systems, autonomous fabrication and prototyping, unconventional electronic devices and systems, sensor networks, solution processed electronic materials, multi-material integration, flexible electronics, organic electronic materials and devices


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courses taught

  • MCEN 4085 - Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Second part of a two-course capstone design experience in mechanical engineering. Includes refinement of prototype, design optimization, fabrication, testing, and evaluation. Students orally present the final design and prepare a written report and operation manual for the product. GEEN-BS and GEEN-BSEPL students are not required to complete MCEN 4026.
  • MCEN 5055 - Advanced Product Design
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 / Fall 2019
    Introduces engineering design and development of consumer products. Includes learning sketching, brainstorming, idea generation, design thinking, user-centered design, product requirements and specifications, product constraints, human factors, aesthetics, industrial design, intellectual property, concept prototyping, idea selection, tolerancing, cost estimating, design for assembly, and materials selection. Entails a semester-long team re-design of a consumer product.


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