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Karimzadeh, Morteza Assistant Professor


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  • I am a spatial data scientist, with research cutting across geographic information retrieval, machine learning, geovisualization, and visual analytics. My research primarily focuses on method development, spanning various domains including social media analytics, energy (resilience and production), crisis management, situational awareness, precision agriculture, and digital humanities. A large portion of my research has focused on developing methods for enabling the use of geographical information embedded in textual data. While computational, my approach is human-centered, from visual/system design to algorithm integration and evaluation, to domain deployment and field studies. My visualization-related work focuses on visual analytics for human-in-the-loop machine learning aiming to (1) develop flexible, performant computational methods leveraging human expertise, and (2) helping users understand machine learning methods output/biases when applied to geospatial data.


  • spatial data Science, geographic Information Retrieval, geovisualization, geographic information science, geovisualization, visual analytics, geo-text analytics, geoparsing, geocoding, geographic natural language processing, spatial analysis, human-computer interaction, huma-in-the-loop machine learning, human-centered AI


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