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Myers, Skinner Assistant Professor


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  • I analyze the “idea of blackness” in the world and how there are two separate paths “Black Cinema” can take: “that which ‘awakens’ the spectator by taking him along the path of progress, and that which ‘lulls him to sleep’ by making him sluggish and escape from reality by merely entertaining him.” I look at how Hollywood Cinema, functions as a “Colonizing Cinema”, which has demanded, “Black Cinema” to perform with a minstrel mask and explicit blackface that grants a partial humanization of the “idea of blackness”. This allows for Hollywood to take possession of “Black Cinema” and make it palatable, which further concretizes its “otherness” within the world of Hollywood Cinema


  • Black Cinema, African Cinema, Cinema, Afro-Surrealism, Black Existential Philosophy, African American Studies, Black Studies


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