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Kantha, Lakshmi

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • My principal research interest is modeling of oceans and oceanic processes. However, my current research focus is turbulent mixing in the oceans and the atmosphere. A related research activity is synergistic use of VHF radars and UAVs to study turbulent and layered structures in the lower moist troposphere through weeks-long field campaigns at a dedicated MST radar facility in Shigaraki, Japan. Another is study of mixing in the upper layers of the Bay of Bengal, which affects the intra-seasonal variability of Indian monsoon. I also study the use of radiosondes and GPS occultations to locate and quantify turbulence in the troposphere and the lower stratosphere, for applications to aviation safety. I also work on Aerospace related topics, such as the state of the commercial aircraft industry.


  • Oceans, Atmosphere, Turbulence, Aerodynamics, Aerospace Propulsion, Rockets, Aircraft Engines, MST radars, UAVs


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