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  • Dr. Erhard’s performance research is focused in Western Classical solo and orchestral double bass, and expanding solo/chamber music performance repertoire for double bass using elements of classical music from India. His pedagogical research focuses on developing innovative methods for helping double bassists achieve integration between musical imagination, the capacity to internally hear pitch (play in tune), technical mastery, and musical expression. In addition to composing technique exercises, he is developing training videos to accelerate students’ understanding and skill development. At professional conferences he leads workshop sessions related to his Indian research. Exploring music of India has enabled Erhard to create a synthesis of Western Classical, Jazz and Indian raga-based music. To reach wider audiences, he formed the Indian/Western fusion double bass-flute-tabla trio Atmic Vision (50+ concerts), 2005, and the double bass-voice-cello trio Sands Around Infinity, 2011


  • Classical solo, chamber music and orchestral double bass performance and teaching, jazz performance, North Indian (Hindusthani) Classical Music, Indian fusion music with double bass, flute, tabla trio Atmic Vision, Sands Around Infinity Trio with double bass, voice, harmonium, cello Pedagogical research in expanding awareness and capacity to play with good intonation, intonation workshops titled Getting Inside the Music



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