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  • My work focuses on the cross-cultural aspects of sustainable development, ethnographic methods and fieldwork, social entrepreneurship and social innovation, human dimensions of conservation, war and refugees and community-based peace building in Africa. I work in Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda. I have also researched Afro-Brazilian communities in Bahia Brazil and 'Gross National Happiness' (GNH) in Bhutan. I just revised 'Lost Girl Found, for the upcoming paperback launch. It is an ethnographic fictional work written to raise awareness of the oil-fueled conflict in Sudan and the impact of gender on migration experience. It is written from the perspective of a young female refugee viewpoint. I have also edited and written chapters for Building Peace from Within: An Examination of Community-Based Peace Building and Transitions in Africa.This book seeks to examine how successful models of building 'peace from within' in the African continent.


  • social entrepreneurship, engaged anthropology, african studies, cultural anthropology, social innovation, sustainable development, sustainability, environmental studies, peace studies



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