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  • Dr. Bowers's research concentrates on the interactions between plants, herbivores, pollinators and natural enemies and how environmental variation (both natural and anthropogenic) affects these interactions. Her research combines field, greenhouse and laboratory work to investigate these interactions from many perspectives, including behavior, evolution, ecology, physiology and chemistry. This research has its roots and context in attempts to understand how plant-insect-pollinator-natural enemy interactions evolve and are maintained. Dr. Bowers's research is concentrated in the following areas: multitrophic interactions; factors affecting variation in plant secondary chemistry and how this affects other organisms; the effects of human disturbance on native and introduced plant and insect populations; effects of human agriculture and disturbance on native insect communities; biological control of invasive plants.


  • plant-insect interactions, the effects of human disturbance on plants and insects, biological control of invasive weeds, chemical ecology, ecology and evolution of insects, butterfly ecology and evolution, multitrophic interactions


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