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  • Luis Valdovino has been working in collaboration on video art works with professor Dan Boord from Critical Media Practices for twenty-eight years. Their projects have been emotionally and intellectually involved, either directly or indirectly, with autobiographical experiences involving how individuals fit within a larger culture. Their collaborations are distinguished by their interest in the experience of everyday life. Seen from their perspective, everyday experience has a form and character, which often seems to fall outside the application of logic. Certain aspects of social and cultural meaning appear to defy reasoning or systematic attempts to unify that experience into something comprehensible. This situation is, as they see it, their backyard, the place where their poetic ideas and the ethos of their videos reside. Their video essays range from Chinese Immigration, Jean Cocteau and the exploration of cultural identity at the edges of globalized corporate culture.


  • video art, visual anthropology, digital media art, documentary film/video, experimental film, photography, contemporary art, transmedia


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