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Sievers, Robert E

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Prof. Sievers, his students, and collaborators have patented, developed, and commercialized the Bubble Dryer®, turn-key equipment which allows the rapid low temperature drying of vaccines. Other research on sublingual delivery of vaccines and pharmaceuticals has led to the publication by the US Patent Office of new claims for US Pat App 2019/0038552. Sievers has collaborated with medical professionals to develop new methods for delivery of aerosol particles useful in direct and painless administration of therapueutic drugs and vaccines. He has developed and applied for patents on Topical Salves and Lotions and Methods in US Pat App 2019/0275095 and formulations containing myo-inositol as a chemo-preventive to reduce lung dysplasia in 20190216748. Technology transfer from the Sievers group led to the creation of Sievers Instruments, Inc., which with successor companies, such as Suez Water Technologies, have manufactured over 30,000 analyzers for over 10,000 users world wide.


  • purification and separation chemistry, graphene, sublingual pharmaceutical delivery, aerosol vaccine delivery, dry powder measles vaccine, pulmonary drug delivery, stabilization and delivery, synthesis of 1-µm diameter pharmaceutical particles, environmental chemistry, trace analysis of air and water, gas and liquid chromatography, aerosols, supercritical fluid technology, spray bubble drying, sublingual drug delivery, inhalable antibiotics, inhalable nutraceuticals


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  • CHEM 6101 - Seminar: Analytical Chemistry
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Spring 2020
    Student, faculty, and guest presentations and discussions of current research in analytical chemistry. Required of all analytical chemistry graduate students. Credit deferred until presentation of satisfactory seminar.


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