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  • Dr. Znidarcic specializes in geotechnical engineering with an emphasis on flow processes in soils, including seepage, consolidation, unsaturated soils and multiphase flow problems. He has over 40 years of professional experience as a researcher, an educator and a consultant. He has been developing novel testing techniques for determining consolidation properties for soft soils that are today routinely used in engineering practice throughout the world, especially in the mining industry and dredging operations. He is also developing comprehensive numerical models for predicting field behavior of soft mine tailings and dredged spoils after deposition and throughout the drying process. His other research and teaching interests include embankment dam and levee design and stability evaluations, unsaturated soil behavior and use of centrifuge modeling in research and education.


  • consolidation of soft soils, mine and dredging spoils disposal, unsaturated soil mechanics


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