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Garrity, Jane Associate Professor



research overview

  • My current research focuses on the role of fashion within modernist studies. Although scholarly interest in fashion has been robust in recent years, as is evidenced by the range of books that have been published on the links between fashion and modernity since 2000, the interrelationship between literary modernism and the theories and practices of fashion have been far less explored. Most recent studies of literature and fashion focus on the pre-twentieth century period. There is no current comprehensive analysis of early twentieth-century literature and culture. My book in progress, Fashioning Bloomsbury, will help to fill this conspicuous gap. Fashioning Bloomsbury uses the Bloomsbury Group as a case study which explores the national implications of the notion that to be modern means to be fashionable, even if the truly avant-garde denies its fashionable nature.


  • twentieth-century British literature, modernism and empire, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, neo-materialism


selected publications


courses taught

  • ENGL 5059 British Literature and Culture After 1800 (Spring 2019)
  • ENGL 5849 Independent Study (Graduate Level 1) (Spring 2019)
  • ENGL 8999 Doctoral Dissertation (Spring 2019)
  • ENGL 8999 Doctoral Dissertation (Fall 2018)
  • ENGL 5849 Independent Study (Graduate Level 1) (Spring 2018)
  • ENGL 8999 Doctoral Dissertation (Spring 2018)


International Activities

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