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Basey, John M Senior Instructor


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  • My research concerns pedagogy in science labs. I am examining the impacts of individual variations in student working memory on student performance and learning in different formats of inquiry-oriented science labs. More specifically, inquiry-oriented science labs that are front-loaded, place a heavy cognitive burden on the students at the beginning of lab, in that they need to induce a hypothesis or design an investigation. In contrast, inquiry-oriented science labs that are back-loaded, such as expository or verification lab styles, reduce cognitive load at the beginning of lab through guidance. As a result, individual variations in working memory capacity or explanatory style may impact student learning. Utilizing this framework, I predict students with large working memory capacities and positive explanatory styles will excel in front-loaded situations, whereas students with smaller working memory capacity and negative explanatory style will excel in a back-loaded situation.


  • science teaching, lab design, science lab pedagogy,


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