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  • As a primate ecologist I am interested in how habitat change affects the behavior and the biology of African strepsirrhine primates. I focus on how primate populations directly respond to forest degradation, fragmentation. Since 2003 my project on wild ring-tailed lemurs studies how both immediate and long term environmental factors, such as climate and anthropogenic change affect Malagasy primate behavior and biology. Since 2013 I have also been working South Africa's nocturnal primates, Otolemur crassicaudatus and Galago moholi at Lajuma South Africa. This project focuses on the health and conservation biology of these two species, including population and conservation genetics and disease ecology. My research is extremely relevant to on-going work on the effects of climate and habitat change on the world’s endangered animals and how primates adapt to such changes.


  • primate ecology, primatology, conservation biology, primate health, primate evolutionary biology


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