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Barlow, Melinda B Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Barlow is a film, video, and contemporary art historian and curator who investigates the work of living, independent women film/video makers and installation artists, and also writes about and offers workshops on pedagogic issues, specializing in the art of mentoring women. Her research examines original manuscript material still in the artists’ possession and uses it to reconstruct ephemeral works otherwise lost to history, and documents the fleeting, kinesthetic insights experienced live and in situ in temporary installations, exhibitions and performances in a lyrical style of writing attuned to their atmosphere. Mixing evocative description with an eclectic archival method, her work explores the unexpected intersections between historiography and memoir.


  • interdisciplinary film history, theory and criticism, contemporary art and installation history, theory and criticism, history and theory of women in film, art, literature and autobiography, history, theory, philosophy and practice of pedagogy, involving media education, mentoring, and teacher attitudes


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