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Bergner, Bruce Alan Associate Professor


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  • Professor Bergner is a theatrical scene designer and scenic artist and work in that vein comprises the vast majority of his creative activity. He is active also in theories of space and spatial design, pertaining to both dramatic space, general architecture and natural space. He is now working in, teaching and studying live, site-based experience design (XD) and is directing/founding a new academic degree program in that field. He is also interested in allied design crafts including television and film art direction, design graphics and exhibit/display design.


  • theatrical scene design, scenography, art direction, entertainment design, experience design, spatial theory, spatial design, design criticism, philosophy of architecture, theatre production, scenic art, scene painting, trompe-loeil, faux finishing, theatre crafts, stagecraft, semiotics, signage studies, imagery studies, scenic iconicity, exhibit design and implementation, computer assisted design



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