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Stark, Theodore Senior Instructor


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  • My research and expertise is based in the world of theatrical Costume Construction. While performers appear to be wearing clothes on stage, costumes are actually quite different than fashion. Beyond the obvious differences where period costumes are concerned, theatrical costumes need to be constructed in durable but lightweight manner to evoke character, while enduring multiple performances and unusual activity present in theatrical production (sword fighting, extreme choreography, flying). Furthermore, creation of character via fabric requires knowledge of physics as it relates to fibers, weaves and the way that fabrics react to gravity and mold over the body. For example, cotton is a very common fiber from which fabric is made, but comes in numerous styles: denims, coutils, jersey knits, corduroys, sateens, etc. Each of these fabrics react very differently to gravity and mold the body in very disparate manners.


  • arts, performance, costume, design, physics, chemistry, textiles, history, art history, career development, fashion


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