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  • I am currently working on my second book project, which foregrounds the transnational dimensions of U.S. Cold War history by situating the easing of restrictive immigration and naturalization laws in the United States from the late-1940s to the mid-1960s as part of a larger global history of decolonization and the expansion of U.S. power and influence across the decolonizing world during the Cold War. It does so by examining the travels of some the country‚Äôs most prominent African American and Asian American musicians, intellectuals, and politicians across the decolonizing world during the early years of the Cold War, with a particular focus on the 1955 Afro-Asian Conference in Bandung, Indonesia. My exploration places geo-political events like Banding and the actors of my study in the larger contexts of global decolonization, anticommunism, and Cold War racial geopolitics and foregrounds the international dimensions of U.S. civil rights reform and Cold War history.


  • Asian American studies, Asian American history, US history, race, empire, anticolonialism, transnationalism, radicalism, borderlands, Cold War, decolonization, foreign relations


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