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  • One of Dr. Abbott's principal goals is to contribute to the public's understanding of and appreciation for geologic processes, the deep geologic history of the planet, and the significance of geology in our everyday lives. He works to achieve this goal via the publication of books and articles in the popular press and through public presentations. Dr. Abbott's research is focused on deciphering the geologic history of the Colorado Rocky Mountains/Colorado Plateau region and Australia's Great Dividing Range. One current project attempts to constrain when the Grand Canyon was carved and how quickly the canyon was widened. A second constrains the erosion history of the Colorado Rockies using low-temperature thermochronology. His Australia research aims to understand when and how eastern Australia's Great Escarpment formed.


  • geologic evolution of SW United States, geomorphology of Grand Canyon, Lithospheric composition of Colorado Plateau-Basin and Range Transition Zone, Stratigraphy of Grand Canyon and stratigraphy of Colorado, Tectonic development of Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau


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