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Vernerey, Divya E. Instructor


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  • Dr. Vernerey's research interests are mathematical modeling and solving systems of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations. This work in applied mathematics utilizes her training in mathematical physics, differential equations, asymptotical and perturbation methods, and numerical solutions of partial differential equations. These areas have been the building blocks for her research in the mathematical modeling of frontal polymerization. This area of research opens the door to fascinating studies at the interface between mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. One such multi-disciplinary topic is combustion theory (exothermic polymerization waves are in many respects similar to combustion waves) and another involves the emerging field of tissue engineering and tissue growth. This later application typically deals with diffusion-reaction equations, which can, in some cases lead to the propagation of degradation fronts.


  • partial differential equations, traveling waves in nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems, frontal polymerization



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