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Labio, Catherine Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Labio's current research takes place at the intersections of literature and economics and of literature and the visual arts. In the first instance, she works on individual projects (on Adam Smith and literature, e.g.) and in collaboration with colleagues in economics and management (on the cultural and economic history of financial crashes) in order to bridge the gap between two disciplines that are usually seen as having little to nothing in common. In the second instance, she demonstrates the importance of going beyond the geographic and disciplinary getthoization that has characterized the recent surge of interest in comics studies. She is completing two book projects: the first is on the Mississippi Bubble of 1720, the second on comics and architecture.


  • modern and contemporary European literature and philosophy (including aesthetics), The Enlightenment, literature and economics, literature and the visual arts, book arts, comics, literary and critical theory, history of the novel


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