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Windell, Maria A. Assistant Professor


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  • Maria A. Windell investigates the intersections between genre, nation, history, and transamerican studies. Her first book project, Transamerican Sentimentalism: On the Margins of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literary History, argues that as the US reacted to and intervened in conflicts such as the Haitian Revolution, the US-Mexican War, and Cuba’s wars for independence a particular thread of sentimental discourse actively engaged anxieties about national identity, permeable national boundaries, and the expanding US imperial presence. Her second book project, Novel Imperial Imaginaries: Early US Military, Diplomatic, and Literary History, explores how late eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century military and diplomatic writings reconfigure US literary developments.


  • US literature, late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, transamerican studies, American Studies, ethnic US literatures


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