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  • Ross Taylor's creative work is at the intersection of motion production, photojournalism and community building. His creative work includes short-form documentary film for web, including data narratives. Taylor maintains the nationally recognized photographic resource The Image, Deconstructed (www.imagedeconstructed.com), which examines the psychology of photojournalism. As organizer and host for their annual 3-day immersive workshop, he brings in a prominent faculty from across the nation with expertise in areas including documentary photography, commercial photography, and video journalism. Taylor’s images and films often focus on physical and/or emotional trauma, or life in recovery from it, and have earned him numerous awards. He serves on the Board of Directors for the National Press Photographers Association.


  • Motion Graphics, Data Narratives, Photojournalism, Photography, Documentary, Interviewing, Workshops, Audio, Storytelling, Film, Video, Video Editing, Storytelling for Web, International Journalism, Journalism, Mentorship, Conflict Reporting, Photo Web Resources, Intimacy in Documentary, Trauma Documentary, Motion Graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Final Cut X, Adobe After Effects


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