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Kimball, Miles Spencer Professor and Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Chair in Economics



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  • The central theme of much of my research has been trying to understand the details of people's preferences--what people want--both through mathematical theory and surveys data. Within that, the most important area of my current research is on developing national well-being indices and other tools to foster evidence-based government. I also have a broad interest in public policy informed by research, an interest I pursue in the main through my blog: https://blog.supplysideliberal.com/key-posts/ Improving monetary policy has been the single biggest emphasis in my public policy interests: https://blog.supplysideliberal.com/emoney/ This is connected to my other research interest: understanding business cycles. Methodologically, I approach economics from the perspective of cognitive economics: https://blog.supplysideliberal.com/post/107961784445/cognitive-economics


  • monetary policy, cognitive economics, macroeconomics, labor economic, risk, saving, portfolio choice, happiness


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