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  • Chase Wesley Raymond's research is interdisciplinary, centering on the use of language in everyday life. For him, the study of language provides the means through which the moment-by-moment 'doing' of social life is accomplished and can be systematically investigated. In addition to everyday conversation, he is particularly interested in situations of contact—when divergent languages, dialects, cultures, etc. come together in interaction—with a primary focus on Spanish speakers in the United States. He brings together methods from Conversation Analysis, Interactional Linguistics, and Sociolinguistics to investigate language use in both institutional and non-institutional contexts.


  • Social Interaction, Conversation Analysis, Discourse, Sociolinguistics, Language Contact, Language in Society, Language and Identity, Pragmatics, Ethnomethodology, Spanish, Spanish in the U.S., Microsociology, Communication in Medicine, Health Communication, Intercultural Communication


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courses taught

  • LING 1000 - Language in U.S. Society
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Fall 2019
    Nontechnical exploration of the ways that language is used in America. Emphasizes language as a social institution and how values and goals of both public institutions and private groups shape and are shaped by language and its use.
  • LING 5800 - Open Topics in Linguistics
    Secondary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Various topics not normally covered in the curriculum. Offered intermittently depending on student demand and availability of instructors. Contact the department office for information. May be repeated up to 9 credit hours.
  • LING 7800 - Open Topics in Linguistics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2019
    Various topics not normally covered in the curriculum; offered intermittently depending on student demand and availability of instructors. Contact the department office for information.
  • SPAN 4215 - Spanish in the United States
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Spring 2019
    Describes the linguistic characteristics of U.S. Spanish, Spanish-English bilingualism and direct contact, including the study of borrowing, code switching, phonological and grammatical convergence, leveling, accommodation and attrition, among other linguistic phenomena. Discusses the relationships between language and identity, as well as the role of Spanish in U.S. education, media and social institutions.


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