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  • Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego is a multifaceted astronomer, designer, and educator with a Ph.D. in astronomy and an M.F.A. in design. As an astronomer, his main area of research is galaxy formation and evolution over cosmological timescales. In particular, he looks at the structure, kinematics and stellar populations of galaxies both in the nearby and in the distant universe. The comparative analysis of these populations allows us to describe how galaxies have evolved in the last 12 billion years. As an educator, among other things, he looks at computer simulations and immersive environments as a way to engage, excite, and generate interest in science. As a designer, he is interested in building bridges between the sciences and the arts to facilitate the understanding of the world within and around us in informal education settings such as planetariums as well as science and technology centers.


  • science and art, informal science education, immersive environments


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