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Subramanian, Aneesh Chamakuzhi Assistant Professor


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  • The main focus of my work is currently in gaining a better understanding of processes that impact extreme weather especially on subseasonal timescales as well as better modeling of the Madden-Jullian Oscillation and its teleconnections using global climate models and regional high resolution models. I am actively working on stochastic parameterization for better representation of physical processes in climate models. Another focus of my work is on data assimilation in coupled ocean-atmosphere models. In the past, I have worked on assimilating ship cruise and satellite observed data into a regional eddy-permitting ocean models to better understand mesoscale ocean processes in this region using a regional ocean model called ROMS. I also study nonlinear data assimilation techniques to improve upon the Ensemble Kalman Filter and Adjoint-based methods in data assimilation into simplified nonlinear models of the atmosphere and climate.


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