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  • Andrew Calabrese‚Äôs research emphasizes the relevance of critical social and political theory in explaining issues of media and citizenship, and media policy. His long-term interests include a focus on communication policy as social and cultural policy at national and transnational levels, and how social movement actors make use of the means of communication to mobilize their constituents and reach wider publics. Published research projects have focused on social mobilizations that have relied on digital communication to advance their causes; questions about the uses of digital media in nonviolent civil disobedience; the role of media in 20th and 21st century concepts of civil society and the public sphere; and the politics and policy activism related to media reform and communication rights in the United States and transnationally. His recent research is about the relationship between media and food politics, and related issues of public knowledge, safety and risk.


  • Communication technologies and industries; social and political theory (emphases: public sphere, civil society, digital innovation, globalization, social justice movements); U.S. and transnational media policy


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