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Grove, Vicki Jean Senior Instructor


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  • Vicki Grove's research is focused on areas of interest related to her teaching. Because of the breadth of subjects of the courses she teaches, she has interests in diverse areas, such as Russian folk belief and its relevance to fairy and folk tale narrative and the representations of superstitious belief and customs in 19th and 20th-century Russian literature; she is also interested in significant literary figures of the 19th century, particularly Lermontov and Dostoevsky. In concert with new curriculum development Vicki Grove has also energetically researched the Russian oral tradition, including the Medieval heroic epic and its modern variants. Her recent research includes Nordic studies in folklore, culture, and mythology.


  • russian history and culture, the medieval period, pre-and post-petrine period, imperial russia, the stalinist era, russian romanticism, realism, and the avant garde, russian folk belief and superstitions, russian fairy tales, russian literature, dostoevsky, tolstoy, norse mythology, nordic cultures, nordic folk belief