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Jobin, Nicole V Instructor


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  • Dr. Jobin's early research concerns the economic and social role of monastic and cathedral institutions in Medieval and Early Modern Genoa, Italy. Her study of these institutions has revealed connections between agrarian contract forms and developing commercial contracts during the period known as the commercial revolution between 1000 and 1350, the way monastic institutions specifically engaged with women landholders in ways that are different from their male counterparts, and the role monastic and cathedral institutions have had on shaping attitudes and practices towards the medieval and early modern environment of Genoa. Her current research is centered on the undergraduate first-year learning experience, and pedagogical techniques to enhance critical thinking through object-based learning and the use of historical primary source materials.


  • social and economic history, italy and the mediterranean, the role of monastics in the process of urbanization, development of commercial land markets, women's roles in the medieval and early modern commercial land market of Genoa, pedagogy - history and the use of primary sources with undergraduates, pedagogy, first-year education


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