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Leben, Bob

Research Professor - Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Dr. Leben’s primary area of expertise is satellite altimetry and its application to ocean circulation monitoring. His research group at the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research developed and maintains a website for accessing near real-time satellite ocean remote sensing and altimeter data products that has been online since 1996. He is active in oceanographic research in the Gulf of Mexico where he is currently studying mesoscale and deepwater ocean circulation. He also has research expertise in the development and skill assessment of Gulf of Mexico ocean circulation nowcast/forecast systems. His recent research activities as a member of NASA's Ocean Surface Topography Science Team and NASA's Sea Level Change Team are focused on sea level reconstruction techniques and their application to the study of ocean circulation and climate.


  • remote sensing, oceanography, satellite altimetry, mesoscale oceanography, operational oceanography, Gulf of Mexico Loop Current and Loop Current eddies, ocean surface topography, sea level, sea level reconstruction, global/regional sea level rise, climate monitoring, tsunami remote sensing, ocean circulation hindcasting and prediction, satellite data analysis, time series analysis, satellite oceanography outreach and education.


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