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Auvinen, Dr. Karen Instructor


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  • Dr. Auvinen's research is focused on the cultural context of films and the ideas about gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality that films circulate. Most recently, she has extended her study to popular culture forms in order to investigate what these artifact reflect about individual and societal ideology and values. Additionally, she is interested in the idea of place not only as a geographic narrative, but as a personal, social, ethnic, psychological, sexual, and gendered narrative in literature and film. However, her primary work is creative. Her memoir, Rough Beauty: Forty Seasons of Mountain Living, about the decade she spent living alone with her dog in a wood-stove-heated cabin at 8500 feet will be published by Scribner in June, 2018. Her poetry, fiction and nonfiction seeks to examine how landscape and place gives rise to character, as well as the importance of place and the natural world in our daily lives.


  • pop culture, cultural studies,gender studies, film studies, film analysis, media studies, american literature, native american literature, ethnic american literature, literature of the american west, women's literature, literary analysis, creative writing - poetry, fiction, nonfiction

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