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  • Dr. Brenda M. Romero has researched music-cultural interaction with a focus on Hispano-Indigenous overlap and primarily on the Indita song genre and the Matachines music, dance, rhetoric, and drama enactments (religious and secular versions) throughout the Americas. Her dissertation focused on Matachines in New Mexico. She has conducted research on Matachines traditions in Mexico as Fulbright researcher in 2000-2001, and in Colombia and Peru as a Fulbright Colombia scholar during in Spring 2011. Recently she has helped to establish a transborder research network with Mexican ethnochoreologists at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla in Mexican government-funded fieldwork. Her research seeks to identify ways in which Matachines enactments reveal creativity and other cultural processes in response to colonization, as evidenced by historical documents and contemporary performative elements. She also conducts research on ways of teaching non-Western musical concepts.


  • ethnomusicology and world musics, latin american music, southwest united states, mexico, colombia, music and healing, music and spirituality, indigenous music of the americas, world music theories and pedagogies, matachines music and dance drama in new mexico, mexico, colombia, and perú, early new mexican folk musics, new mexican popular music, indita song genres in the americas, composition and cultural processes of composition, analytical approaches to world music, Somatics and Dance Studies


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