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Krakoff, Sarah Moses Lasky Professor of Law


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  • Professor Krakoff's research in American Indian law focuses on the interaction between federal law and the development of tribal sovereignty from within tribal communities. Several recent articles focus on the political nature of race and tribal membership, studying the evolution of tribal cultural and legal identity over time. Professor Krakoff also writes about evolving environmental ethics, and how they shape community and individual action in contexts ranging from climate change to outdoor recreation. Her articles have been published in top journals including Stanford Law Review, California Law Review, and Columbia Law Review, and her work has been cited by federal courts.


  • American Indian law and sovereignty, climate change adaptation and localism, environmental justice, natural resources, public lands and wilderness policies, environmental ethics and law, legal education, race and equal protection


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  • LAWS 7725 - American Indian Law I
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019
    Investigates the federal statutory, decisional and constitutional law that bears upon American Indians, tribal governments and Indian reservation transactions.


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